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What I mean by that is that Lightroom is a non-destructive editor. It tries to avoid changing the original file.

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It treats the original file a kind of master negative. You could, for instance, use the Print module.

How to Batch Convert Images with Preview

But using the Export function is by far the quickest and easiest and makes the most sense most of the time. From the left side, go the Lightroom Presets. Your files will now be processed and saved as JPGs in whatever location you set for the Export Location.

Is there a way around that?

Advanced online tool to convert nef files. For mac & windows. No download required

I need a higher quality finished product so the images can be printed larger and still have good quality. You can export a derivative JPG version if you like, in which case the quality will be determined by the quality settings you export at. Hello, I am not sure if I got this correctly.

Is this the process I need to follow if I want to convert my presets into file so I can send it to emails? Then from emails they can easily import them to their LightRoom Mobile?

Convertir Fotografías RAW a JPG en Mac con Automator TIP #01

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