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Otherwise, data about this account will be deleted from Mac. Few minutes later, Mac will reboot and sign in automatically with the account you just created. You have new admin account and could use it to reset forgotten admin password for Mac or do whatever troubleshooting steps.

How to Add a User From Terminal Mac OS X Screen Sharing |

Create new admin account in single user mode when cannot sign in Mac Single user mode is a special startup environment, which boots Mac to a terminal-like interface where users can run commands to do what they want on Mac, such as repairing startup drive or creating new admin account etc. Step 1: Start Mac in single user mode. Step 2: Mount the startup drive. Step 4: Create new admin account in setup process.

How to Reset Forgotten MacOS Mojave Password without Admin Account

Enter password and confirm it. You can find this by going to the Apple menu at the top-right and selecting "About this Mac. You can ignore the error about com. AppleSetupDone reboot Go through the steps of creating a new account. You can leave all fields in the personal information step blank.

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  • How to Create New Admin Account on Mac When Cannot Sign in.

Featured on Meta. At this stage, you are pretty much done, but there are a few more things that you can change about this account.

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Click on it in the accounts list so that you see the settings for the account. The most interesting thing that you can do is to set some parental controls.

Method 1: Reset Forgotten MacOS Mojave Password in Single-User Mode

To add parental controls, check the box next to the thing you wish to limit. Personally, I have activated parental controls in Finder for my guest account.

This allows me to limit the Finder so that the guest can surf the web and use some other applications, but nothing more. Now you are all done! Just switch to the guest account and try it out.

Delete Admin Account on Mac

You can switch to it quickly by clicking your name in the upper right corner of your screen and selecting the guest account from the list that appears.