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Word includes support for Microsoft SharePoint , SkyDrive , simultaneous document editing, the option to communicate with others while you edit documents together, and improves the control you have over the kinds of rights users have to review and edit documents.

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This includes setting expiration dates for documents and controlling whether the contents of a document can be printed, edited, or copied. So by using any supported Web browser Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer , you can access and edit your documents via the Web. I could view documents on an iPad, but I could not use the Word Web App to edit them, at least not at this point in time. Themes, which you can use with both word processing and desktop publishing documents, take advantage of the Styles used in a document, allowing you to make instantaneous changes to fonts, paragraphs, colors, and other layout elements simply by selecting a new theme.

Another excellent feature is full-on Spotlight integration and a new Spotlight-inspired tool for finding and replacing text in a document. Word now has a built-in equation editor that makes it easy to add and edit mathematics equations. The equation editor, which appears as an Equation Tools Ribbon when you add an equation to your document, gives Word a leg up on Pages, which requires that you buy MathType for the same functionality. Word has a few other welcomed improvements and additions. Office also marks the reintroduction of Visual Basic for Applications, which means that Word is no longer limited to Automator and AppleScript for automation.

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Review

While the differences between these modes in these different applications is negligible, Word does offer a unique read-only mode that makes it easier for you to see, read, and navigate through all the pages in your document. You may run into issues if the fonts you have available on one computer are not available on the other computer. With regard to change tracking again with limited testing , the only complaint I have is Word still does not track changes made to images that you add to your documents.

In benchmark tests performed by Macworld Lab, Word was much faster than Word at opening a file; in our Scroll and Save File test, the times were closer. We'll have more benchmark results in an upcoming lab report. How we tested.

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We open page file and stopped timing when the pages were calculated. We timed a scroll from the first page to the last page. We performed a Save As operation. After years of lamenting what Word for Mac lacks, I find myself in the odd yet enviable position of announcing that Word is great. It is a solid word processing application that is powerful and well designed, and makes it easy to find all the features you need.

The Mac version is available on April 8th, Really good alternatives for Microsoft office with all the features. The only bad thing is that you need to sign in with a wechat account.

Downloading and installing Office 2011 or 2016

Google docs is a total epic fail when it comes to exporting a PDF. Almost three years in on the Mac version and it is still full of embarrassing bugs and functionality gaping holes. I wish Microsoft well, I really do, but its upgrade to Word for the Mac increases the steps I need to take for common operations.

When came out with. Single-spaced files copied from.

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So also Word and Word However, in several tests with —original typed work, files copied from other Word files, and files copied rom the Internet, I once got two typed lines single-spaced. That did not recur. In , I found a way to continue creating. However, requires that I convert from.

A workaround: Copy a picture, graph, or chart from a dummy. Unfortunately, the same conversion is needed when one adds a page to a document. Perhaps I could work around that as well, but I stopped trying, discouraged with Word I deleted from my computer, fearing a malign influence, even if caged in Trash.

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  • In , as I did in With , I had to go halfway down Insert to get to the Page Break choice. I use Page Break sometimes more than 10 times a day, as I import files from the Internet and add them to existing files. Microsoft staff, introducing Word , wrote that one go to a Paragraph menu in the ribbon to add a Page Break,, the most inefficient way to do that. One can also use Pages, to the left of Paragraph, and choose Page Break there. One suspects that logical engineers redid Word to suit a certain orderliness, with little regard to what actions users most commonly use.

    Perhaps that was to conform to smartphone use. I prefer a page plus three lines of another page. Worst, perhaps, the version of Word does not automatically reopen files that open when one quits Word, voluntarily or forcibly. That could present a major problem if changes to an open file had not been saved before a Quit. Word does automatically reopen files.

    One suspects that Microsoft people did not let Apple provide that automatic reopening feature.. I had also read that one needs Word in High Sierra, which prompted my upgrade. I have since been advised that Microsoft will not support in High Sierra. I do not know what that implies for Word if I upgraded to High Sierra.

    Would I lose automatic reopening of files in Word? So I have to stick with Sierra.

    What Is Microsoft Word for Mac?

    I have nearly 30, Word files since or so, which take up nearly 9 gigabytes on my computer. I spent four intense days trying to make Word work, with the continuing nastiness of forced format conversions. Now, I must change much, fixing on a major project that has consumed years, try to find some way to insulate my Word files from malicious people, and hope that intelligent, humane people interested in serving individual computer users will soon lead Microsoft and Apple.

    Screenshots of Microsoft Office 2011

    My friends recommend me to google "aakeys" to get a genuine key. I got one, works so well, and will get another one very soon. My issue is that I am living in a world where MS-Office is standard. And I have noticed that you loose a lot of formatting and functionality sequence fields I would have liked that issue to be addressed more directly. Pages is nice, but too "lite. Nisus has the mostest wonderfulest interface, and I dearly miss it, having moved on to Windows.

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