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Erik Eckel recommends the five best apps that he has found for doing task management on Macs. Despite all the Apple versus Microsoft, OS X versus Windows, iOS versus Android and similar debates about who does it better, productivity always comes down to actually getting things done. Task management software improves critical tracking projects, managing tasks, and maintaining typical to do lists. Here are five of the best task management apps for Mac business users. Reminders provides simple, integrated reminder lists similar to Tasks found in Microsoft Outlook.

Once a new reminder is created, users can opt to specify that they be reminded of the task either on a specific day and time or at a specific location. Task repetition can be set, as can Low, Medium or High priority, as can notes. Many Mac users, of course, employ Microsoft Office , which includes Outlook. Besides Outlook's Mail, Calendar and Contacts features, the personal information program also includes Tasks. As with Apple reminders, tasks can include due or reminder dates, recurrence and a few basic priorities.

But Tasks also supports applying categories, marking follow up flags, and applying start dates.

Activity Monitor: The Mac Task Manager — Control+Alt+Delete on Mac

Outlook users can also readily convert email messages to tasks. Simply clicking an email message's flag icon creates a task from the email message. From Microsoft.. TickTick View Product. Same UI, just different colors. Tried almost all the rest and ended up settling on this, and after 6 months, still glad I did!

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Great app. It's like a better version of Wunderlist. If you Like the side panel and simplicity of Wunderlist, you'll love this. It's that but better. I've tried many. Including Todoist. Which is great, but the design lacks elegant subtasks and a side panel.

Top 10 Mac Project Management Tools

Hate the comment modal. Omnifocus 2 for Mac Put your life in perspective and get things done View Product. Nay Thiha Written 3yr ago. Popular, well-known, for the power user, the best in class, specially designed and created for Apple ecosystem. Quire View Product. Quire based on a few key features: 1. Three-state task model 'to do' open , 'in progress', and 'completed', with a long list of other metadata, like due dates, task assignment, comments, file attachments, etc. Markdown support in task descriptions and comments 3.

Google calendar integration -- only one-way from quire to calendar I hear they are working on Slack integration. Nifty: Project Management 2. Nifty is great for teams to collaborate on docs, discuss ideas, manage tasks, create milestones, share docs and automate updates for project stakeholders. Nifty also provides an overview across all your projects and teammate workloads for a birds-eye view of your team.

Don't need any other app. MacOS and iOS have a beautiful notes app. You can also create to-do lists. I've always thought having a dedicated app for to-do lists is overkill when Notes is already so powerful. Just select the checklist icon. You can format things however you like with headings, bold text, etc. I've tried apps like Todolist, Wunderlist, Any. I don't miss any of the additional features they offered. Bear A beautiful, flexible writing app for notes and prose View Product.

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Hang Zhao Written 2yr ago. I actually use Bear note app to write down all my todos and I really love its elegant design.

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Notebook for Mac The beautifully simple note-taking app from Zoho. Now on Mac View Product. Notebook for Mac is neatly done and fits everyone's note-taking needs.

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It's beautiful and feature-packed. Google Keep Save your thoughts, wherever you are View Product. IDK why it wasn't there on this list Manage your project with Easynote from a very early stage to delivery of a project and follow-up Read more Easynote will help you on the journey on your product development. We just love Easynote! Our team is so much more efficient and we can focus on right things and follow up on daily tasks.

With so many functionalities but done in simple way Easynote is our main tool to manage our projects! Emma Johansson Intermedia AB. I have been searching for something to cover my exact needs of planning - Easy and simple to use, fast setup, great overview and easy collaboration with no time of explaining the tool for rest of the team members! Easynote just made my day!

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We are a team of 50 people who are using Easynote and we are so amazed that it works so great with all the functionatilies available. Damir Huskic Illux Technologies. I have been using Easynote for a couple of months now and i am very happy that i did, switch over from a similar "product".

Easynote gives me less time in planning and a great overall view in everything i have to do.

Haris Coles Clubcommander. Tens of thousands of users are using Easynote to manage their daily work and their projects! Our users really enjoy using Easynote and we really like to listen to our users and we are taking time to listen to the user feedback and make improvements.

We also like to keep things simple and that is why Easynote is so popular among our users and this can be shown both on Capterra and Trustpilot. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind thanks to our apps! A task manager and project management tool for everyone. SINCE No training required. Easy to use, easy to customize.

Everyone can use it instantly.