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This is a firm and dense brush so it picks up lots of pigments, and the pencil shaped tip allows precise application around the eye corners and along lash lines.

MAC Cosmetic's brushes are now cruelty-free | Metro News

Absolutely must have if you like to smudge a soft wash of color along the lower lash line. All you need is to dab a beige color and blend it under the brows for a cleaner eye makeup look.

Perfectly designed for laying down the shadows on the lid and prevents fall out to build a more intense finish. MAC Shade brush : Designed for laying cream based color.

5 Best Mac Eyeshadow Brushes+ Easy E/S Tutorial Using the Brushes!

It can also be doubled as a concealer brush over smaller areas. MAC also have the bigger sister version which is more ideal for applying concealers than eye shadows.

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Simply because I think there are much better options from other brands for face brushes, so I have only picked a few that I absolutely love. I have had this one for more than 10 years and it is being used on a very frequent basis, and the condition is still excellent! It has the right size and shape for multiple ways of application for the cheeks, as you can use it in a swiping motion, or pat it and swirl it for a wash of color effect. The full rounded shape gives an even and smooth finish.

Not the softest brush, but it means it will pick up the pigments from even the most sheer blushes. MAC Short Duo Fiber brush : Stippling brushes are great for buffing face colors into the skin in a natural effect, and it works well with both powder and cream products. I love the size of and the flat-top design, as it is perfect for blending concealers for under the eyes areas, or applying highlighters over the T-zone, and applying cream blushes over the cheeks!

MAC is making a major change to their makeup brushes

The paddled-shaped brush is great for applying foundations and concealers for a natural finish. Also works well for applying a sheer wash of powder and cream blushes. Overall you can pretty much do your whole face with this brush! Experience slight shedding during the first few washes. I am looking into the , , and My face is very happy even if my wallet is not!

I think they market it as a lip brush but I use it mostly as an eyeliner brush. It has the perfect length, shape and level of softness to deposit eyeliner right through the lash line as thinly or thickly as I want it. It's easy to mix up powder brushes and blusher brushes! Blusher brushes are usually rounder, with a smaller handle and shorter bristles. Use this brush to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, which you can see easily by smiling!

MAC is making a major change to their makeup brushes

For bronzer , lightly sweep the color around your temples. Try : M. Powder is crucial because it sets the makeup, which helps it last all day! Swirl this fluffy brush around in your fave powder and buff onto your face.

The concealer brush is often confused with an eye shadow brush because of its wide, flat shape. A good concealer brush will be slightly narrower, allowing precise application to tricky areas around the nose and mouth.

Brushes like this one help you apply just the right amount of product, and spread less germs than using your finger! Good lip brushes often have a long handle and short strong bristles for precise application.

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They give you way more control than applying straight from the tube, so they're perfect for bold lipsticks. Although many palettes come with foam applicators, eyeshadow brushes like this one are way more effective. They easily allow you to wash color onto your lid or brow bone! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Best YA Books of