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Petz II: New look for the Petz. New toys, and add-ons available. Petz 3: 10 breedz of catz and 10 breedz of dogz. Petz can now play in several interactive environments. They can also play dress-up with a variety of clothes, and Petz have genders and can breed. Petz 4: Not a great improvement over Petz 3.

How do I download Petz 5 full version for free?

Some new environments and a travel log added. Voice recognition feature lets you train your dogz and catz to voice commands. Non-breedable pigz and bunnyz available some fan sites contain patches to allow breeding.

Petz 5: The petz look the same, but the environment graphics changed. No travel log or voice recognition. Now 15 catz breedz and 15 dogz breedz but no pigz or bunnyz. Toys must be earned by playing the minigames in the new environments. Petz now have litters of 1 to 4 rather than only one baby at a time. Likes: So cute, and they act like real cats and dogs.

Petz 5 african wild dog

Breeding is a lot of fun. The online Petz community is very strong, so there is a major exchange of files and things to do. Dislikes: Absolutely no care required, so no challenge at all. Caress and pet the dogs by stroking them with the left mouse button. You can pick them up by clicking and holding the right mouse button.

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You and your dog can play fetch with the ball and you can listen to all the cute sound effects included in the package as you enjoy your friendly pups. The full version can be purchased directly from the author. Dogz 5 mac download. Kita selamanya bondan prakoso mp3 top philosophy programs in the us charas songs free mp3 cydia app free for iphone 4 download bug.

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General Discussion. Original Art. Petz Dogz 2 provides you with multiple breeds you can choose from and allows you to select one of the multiple textures and fur colors for your dog. You can add unique items to your dog, such as tuxedos, hats, boots and even a robot apparel, making the customization almost endless. Petz Dogz 2 comes with a beautiful game world where you and your dog explore and play.

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