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This Award shall operate from the first pay period commencing on or after 31 May and shall remain in force for a period of six months. If you work at home or outside a workshop or factory making garments, or parts of garments or sewing sheets etc, you may be an outworker.

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If you are an outworker, you are entitled to the same wages and conditions, in general, as workers in clothing factories. The Clothing Trades Award sets out legally enforceable rights and obligations. This applies to all outworkers including employees, independent contractors, and holders of business name registrations. According to this law some of the entitlements outworkers must receive are set out below:. Hours of Work. An outworker may only be employed to work full time, which is 38 hours a week, or regular part time, which must be at least 15 hours per week. The hours must be agreed to in advance by the outworker and the employer.

This means you are guaranteed payment for the agreed number of hours per week, even if you are not given any work, unless you are stood-down in accordance with the award. You cannot be required to work on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. You may agree to work on those days if asked to do so by your employer. You will have to be paid overtime rates if you do work on these days. As a full time or regular part time worker you can only be required to work 7 hours and 36 minutes each day.

If you are asked by your employer to work more than this number of hours, you must be paid overtime. This means that even if you are paid by the piece you cannot receive less than the hourly award rate of pay. If you agree to work more than 7 hours and 36 minutes in a day, Monday to Friday, you must be paid one and a half times the normal hourly rate for each hour over the 7 hours and 36 minutes.

For every hour you agree to work on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, you must be paid double the normal hourly rate. Remember, the law says you must not be paid less than the hourly rates according to the award. Annual Leave Holidays. You are entitled to annual leave. You should get paid 20 working days' paid leave for every year you work full time.

You should be paid before you go on holidays, and this holiday pay should include an extra amount - a holiday leave loading - of This amount of annual leave for regular part time workers depends on the hours you work in a 12 month period. Payment for public holidays such as Christmas or New Year's Day which occur when you are on leave, should be added onto your holiday pay.

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Public Holidays. If you normally work on a day on which a public holiday falls you should receive a day's pay without working on that day. Some States have different public holidays but all have about 10 different public holidays a year. There are extra public holidays that apply on different days in different States. Normally, this would be the Australian Retirement Fund, which is approved by both union and employer organisations. Workers' Compensation. If you become ill or suffer injury as a result of the work you do you may be entitled to workers' compensation, which helps you pay for any treatment you might need to get better, and for time off work.

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Your employer must provide all necessary materials, trimmings and sewing threads for the work you are doing. Delivery and Pick Up. The employer must deliver and pick up the work free of charge to you.

Record of Work. Every time you receive work you should keep a record. This should show:. Employer's name, address and telephone number. The date you receive the work and the date the work was completed. The number of hours and days it took to do the work. The number of items, what the item is and how long it took to make each item. The total amount of money paid for the completed work For further information on your rights and entitlements, please contact one of the following organisations:.

Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia. Chamber of Manufactures of New South Wales. Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Department of Industrial Relations in your State. Outworker's Name Employer's Name Registration Number I wish to reduce the number of hours I work on a part time basis to a minimum of fifteen 15 hours per week for a period of 12 months, starting on Outworker's Signature A copy, signed by the State Secretary, will be returned to the outworker. Appropriate classification of employees. Pursuant to the decision of the Commission issued on 1 February [Print R], the Commission orders as follows: [1] This order shall be called the Clothing Trades Reclassifications Order Appeal — reclassification of employees — date of effect - retrospectivity - ss.

This order shall come into force on 24 September and shall remain in force for a period of 12 months. Clothing Trades Award 1. The Clothing Trades Award , as varied to date, shall be a common rule of the clothing trades industry in the Austalian Capital Territory and shall be binding on all employers in the said industry in respect of the employment by them of employees in the classifications for which provision is made in the said award and shall be binding on all such employees.

The foregoing declaration shall operate from 8 December Further to the decision issued by the Commission on 17 August [PR] and pursuant to ss. If the employer fails to nominate such a place, between 8 a. An employer contracting with a person as provided in clause In addition, where the outworker is not from an English speaking background, the employer must have the information contained in Schedule B translated into the appropriate language for the outworker. Any dispute arising out of or concerning this award relating to the performance of work by a person under this clause may be referred to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

The proposed terms of the agreement must be expressed in a manner which enables the proposal to be understood by the outworkers. In addition, where the outworker is not from an English speaking background, the employer must have the proposal translated in the appropriate language for the outworkers. The application must be submitted in accordance with Schedule C.

The hours agreed in accordance with this subclause will override the hours prescribed in clause An employer must pay an outworker annual leave in accordance with clause 37 of this award. A copy of any written agreement made between a Respondent and the union must be lodged with the Industrial Registrar. In the event of the representative members of the Board being equally divided in opinion, the Chairperson may cast his or her vote to give a majority decision.

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