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If everything went as planned, you should see other computers on your network, including your Mac. When you double click on your Mac, you'll be prompted with username and password fields. This is another part where a few people have had mix-ups.

Your AirPods will automatically connect to your Mac

The password is simply the password to said account. This will bring up a Mounting box after entering your name and password for which folders you would like to mount. Choose the ones you would like to access, and click OK.

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The folders you chose will now be accessible from your Mac desktop and Finder menus. I hope you enjoyed this guide to sharing files between Windows 7 and Snow Leopard, have fun! Ready to test your skills in Computer Networking? See how they stack up with this assessment from Smarterer. Start this Computer Networking test now. Get our content first.

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2 easy ways to connect an Android phone to a Mac computer

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For additional details please read our privacy policy. If you have multiple computers on your network, it's safe to say that you probably want to share information between them. Windows 7 makes sharing between other computers with Windows 7 on them easy with the new Libraries system, allowing you to share images, videos, and more with ease.

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Then choose AirPods from the list. To quote Guns N' Roses , "it's so easy.

How to Transfer Files Between iPhone/iPad and Mac

Charge your AirPods. Make sure those little guys have all the power they need.

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Open Bluetooth preferences on your Mac. You can either go to the Bluetooth drop-down menu from your menu bar and select Open Bluetooth Preferences… or go to the Apple menu , select System Preferences and click Bluetooth.

2 easy ways to connect an Android phone to a Mac computer

Double-check that Bluetooth is actually on. Because you never know -- things happen! Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the status light flashes white. If you'd like to follow along or see us connect a pair of AirPods step-by-step, watch the video below:. If sound still plays from your Mac speakers, check either the Bluetooth or volume drop-down menu in the menu bar and make sure your AirPods are selected as the output.

Share Files Between Multiple Macs (Mac File Sharing: Easy Tech Tips)

Now you can listen to music from your phone or from your Mac without changing headphones. And that's how the world is meant to work.