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Mar 7, 7, 0 1, Denver www. Logged into Steam on my creaky MacBook today and it notifies me that support for So, like, now. Yes I still run PowerPC apps now and then. Last time I checked, Poker Night at the Inventory was never updated to work past My much-newer work MacBook has been a dog since Yosemite graced it, the trackpad options are shit, the full-screen green corner dot is a joke.

I fucking like Snow Leopard, dammit. Best Mac OS for this old warhorse. So do me a solid and please advise me how I can set this Steam install to allow me to forever play my games on this MacBook without having to Boot Camp over to fracking XP where Steam will run fine. This update shit is the long-term death of happiness with Apple products, in general.

How to Install Windows Steam Games on Mac (UPDATED JULY 2017)

Now Steam's on board. PumpkinSpice Banned. Aug 27, 6, 1 0. Couldn't you just ignore steam and launch those games from their install folder?

Gintoki Member. Nov 6, 3, 0 0. SheepyGuy said:. Oct 24, 1, 0 0 30 twitter. Currently I'm using a laptop with Windows 7 but it doesn't fare much better with gaming. I play some indies and visuals novels on it but that's it. But if you can't play any of your Steam games once they end the service for Snow Leopard that would actually be really shitty of them to do. They'd basically be forcing you to upgrade your Mac if you want to access the games you already own, right? I don't even know who I'm mad at.

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Commoditization and planned obsolescence in all digital marketplaces. Isn't there a way to make your Steam permanently offline? No more purchases or updates but play what you bought? Feb 28, 0 0 italy.

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Imbarkus said:. You could block steam's addresses through your hosts file. Might be some gui out there maybe. Stike Member. Feb 11, 1, 0 0 Germany.

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Wonderful Member. Dec 29, 6, 0 0 www.

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I wonder if there'll be any benefit from removing Hell, I say drop Lion support too while you're at it. Who are we kidding, though? This is the application that can't be assed to support Retina displays, or even update the UI elements for Yosemite and newer. Wonderful said:. Jan 3, 1, 0 0.

May 2, 0 0. That sucks - this is exactly why I try to stay away from most apple products. May be better to just tear off the band-aid and get a windows laptop. I'm sure with a flash drive you would be able to store the game-saves and transfer them Good luck.

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Chezzymann Member. Feb 18, 15, 2 Is there any reason why they're ending support for it so soon? Thats kinda shitty.

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Maybe there's much less turnover to older operating systems on Mac than there is with XP and windows 7. Garou Member. Feb 2, 2, 0 0. Chezzymann said:. Maybe there's much less turnover to older operating systems on Mac like there is with XP and windows 7. Jun 7, 10, 1 Garou said:. So soon? Snow Leopard was released in Windows XP was released in DRock has yet to tasted the golden nectar that is tag.

Dec 4, 1, 0 Is it possible to just disable updates for steam? Oct 28, 4, 15 Germany. Why don't you just update your MacOS? Feb 19, 44, 0 0. DRock said:. Jun 7, 28, 0 0. This annoys me in principle, I guess. Not sure if it would ever affect me. Stike said:. I'm assuming most of your PowerPC-only apps aren't terribly resource-heavy. Nzyme32 Member. May 23, 18, 1 0. KampferZeon Neo Member. One difference I can see, is that you archived this to the Garden the other page's upload is archived at Mega, which I cannot access. So I thank you for that. They follow here its a hack to retain chronological order :.

I have found that the OS X versions run fine under So it is just the classic version dated included in the original zip archive that remains problematic. I have now uploaded a full CD image of a classic version dated Maybe, but I am unable to run any of the included OS X apps, either.

Tested only on G4 hardware - an iBook G4 running Someone else may get better results than I managed, with my limited test equipment. Thanks for checking this out, MikeTomTom.