Usb memory stick not working on mac

If you have an older USB flash drive that's been beaten around, it may not work even if you reformat it. While most flash drives are made to withstand years of use, take the age and previous use of the drive into consideration if you have a flash drive that can't be read anymore. Aubrey Kerr is a writer and photographer. With a B. Her work appears on several websites including Salon. How to Reformat a Jump Drive on a Mac. Segmenting a Hard Drive.

Share on Facebook. Formatting To format a flash drive on a Mac, plug in the drive and open the "Applications" folder, the "Utilities" folder and then "Disk Utility. Warning Formatting a flash drive erases all data currently stored on it.

Why Is My USB Flash Drive Not Showing Up on Mac? [Solved]

Faulty Drives Occasionally, a faulty flash drive becomes unreadable after it's been used for a while. About the Author Aubrey Kerr is a writer and photographer. Your Mac or MacBook may not be supplying enough power to adequately service all of the devices. If your Mac is having problems identifying a flash drive it may be that you did not properly eject a drive that was previously connected to your machine.

Checking for updates may be one of the easiest ways to open USB ports on your Mac. Firmware updates address a variety of hardware issues and the functionality of the USB ports could well be one of them. Keeping your software and firmware up to date is good practice even if you are not experiencing problems.

Problem with Copy/Paste files onto USB flash drive on Mac , how to fix

It is an essential step in resolving issues when they arise. Your system configuration might need to be reset in order to resolve the USB port problem. It may be that the reason you cannot access the data on the flash drive is due to data corruption.

USB - How do I format my USB Flash Drive on a Mac?

Using data recovery software you can attempt to restore the data if you can get the system to recognize the drive so the recovery software can work on it. Disk Drill data recovery software is an excellent solution that gives you a great chance of recovering your files from a damaged or corrupted drive. In order to recover data from a flash drive or other USB connected drive using Disk Drill, follow these steps:. Disk Drill can be a lifesaver in situations where you cannot access files due to disk corruption or damage. It can also recover files that have been accidentally deleted or from a disk that was inadvertently formatted.

It is definitely worth checking out when faced with the prospect of irretrievable data on a USB or flash drive. Problems with your USB ports can be extremely annoying but can usually be resolved through one of the techniques discussed above.

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We hope that you regain access to your data in a timely manner. Shutdown the machine.

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Disconnect the power cord. Press down the power button and hold it for 5 seconds. Reconnect the power cord and turn the Mac on. Shutdown the MacBook. Connect the power cord. Release all the keys at the same time. Start the MacBook.

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Shutdown the computer.