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If you can't see the microphone appearing on the keyboard The new generation of iPads also has voice dictation. Please note that for the on-screen microphone to appear on the keyboard, you must enable Siri the iPad's personal assistant in the settings for the iPad. If you need the microphone, but you don't need Siri, just make sure to enable the restrictions in settings, set a passcode you will remember and turn Siri off!

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. I have no idea how long that will continue. But at least for now, you still have working software. Over on the iPad and iPhone, the story gets even weirder.

Voice Recognition on the iPad

Nuance says they are still supporting those platforms. Their product Dragon Anywhere is, in my opinion, the best dictation solution on the iPhone and iPad. Specifically, I had a workflow where I would look at a PDF and then dictate comments about it at the same time using the Dragon Anywhere software. It worked great, particularly with split screen. That all came to a screeching halt when Dragon Anywhere just stopped working on my iPad Pro.

Apple's built in Speech recognition - OS X Dictation - Macintosh How To

The software went from being the best in class to complete garbage. It would drop entire sentences and generally not work. I looked into this a bit further and discovered that the problem is with the iPad Pro, where I did all of my mobile dictation with Dragon Anywhere. I find Siri dictation just fine for short emails and text messages.

Dragon Anywhere is what I need for the big jobs, which all occur on the iPad.

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For whatever reason, however, Dragon Anywhere no longer works on the iPad Pro. This is a known issue and has been for months. Dragon Anywhere is getting destroyed in the reviews in the App Store because of this failure and has, at least to my knowledge, not made any public comment or commitment to getting its software working on iPad Pro.

Dragon Anywhere does, however, work on the iPad mini and iPhone just fine. Like I said, weird. If Nuance has abandoned the Mac and seems only very slightly interested in the iPad and iPhone, what are we to do?

The answer is … complicated. There is no clear successor to Dragon Professional Individual for Mac.

Siri dictation has made great strides recently, but it still has a long ways to go. Two critical elements for any voice-to-text dictation system are the ability to keep an open mic and the ability to store custom dictionary values. If I have a client with a unique name, I should be able to teach that name to the software so I can dictate it without having to go back later and fix it.

That's more work. I don't like more work. Siri dictation on the Mac ticks off only one of these boxes. It can indeed leave an open mic, but it has no custom dictionary. Moreover, it just isn't as good as Dragon for the Mac.

“I Had Friggin’ Tears in My Eyes”

It's close. Indeed, it is much closer than it used to be. But if you are used to Dragon, you will notice a difference. I demonstrate this in the attached video. Another solution would be to install a local instance of Windows and then run the Dragon for Windows on your Mac. Don't laugh.

I have heard from many listeners and readers who have done this. Frankly, I don't blame them. If you spend a lot of time dictating to your Mac to get your work done, you need the best possible tool, and, as the attached videos demonstrate, Siri dictation just isn't there yet. You could also hire it out. There are a lot of good solutions now with web-based dictation. Some use robots, like Temi , and others use humans, like GoTranscript.